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About Howick Hospice

Howick Hospice is a non-profit organisation committed to caring for the terminally ill through home-based care, education and training, social welfare and bereavement support.  Hospice relies on support and financial contributions from the general public, corporate sector, and philanthropic donors.

We are a financially viable and sustainable organisation recognised in the community as an organisation worthy of support, offering a service of excellence in holistic palliative care provided by trained, compassionate staff and volunteers.

Vision, Mission & Values


Howick Hospice offers extensive and excellent Palliative Care within Howick and its environs.


Howick Hospice ensures access to Palliative Care Services for patients with a confirmed diagnosis of a life threatening illness and reduced life expectancy. Holistic care and support extends to patients and families through direct patient care, training, referral, and the development of Strategic partnerships within Howick and its environs.

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History of Howick Hospice

7 August 1987 - Howick Hospice was established in response to meeting the needs of the terminally ill in the Lions River magisterial area.  One registered nurse was employed. Training was given to appropriate volunteers and care givers and a Bereavement programme was implemented.

2 July 1992 - Howick Hospice was able to purchase its own premises at 7 Mansfield Road, aptly named Hospice House.  Jumble Belles, our charity shop, opened in a Wendy House in the carport.

1994 - 3 additional registered nurses were employed.

1997 - Howick Hospice was allocated government funding to start an outreach programme in the rural areas.  Two community care workers were employed and 30 patients were cared for in the first year.

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