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Newsletter Dec 2017


At our AGM in June we elected three new members to serve on our Board – Sue Rash, John Gardiner and Peter Meintjies – and it was my pleasure to welcome them to their first Board meeting.  We look forward to their active participation in our governance. 

By the time you receive this you will no doubt have heard about the break-in we had at our premises in the early hours of Sunday 08 October, 2017.  In my opinion it is beyond belief that this happened to a charitable organisation which serves the community in more ways than people can appreciate and this dastardly act should be condemned in no uncertain terms.

On behalf of the Board I extend our thanks to Knight Security for their excellent response to the alarm and to the Police for their prompt follow-up action.  There is no doubt that these actions succeeded in terminating the nefarious actions of the perpetrators and prevented what could have been a disaster for our organisation.

This has obviously been an upset for our staff; our thanks are due to them for their concern and assistance in this matter.

If you have visited our premises recently you will see a vast improvement to the appearance of the building due to its exterior redecoration and re-roofing.  This was made possible by a substantial bequest which also extended to the painting of the interior of our premises.  Invariably all donations received go towards the running of our patient care but in this instance our Board made the decision to dedicate this bequest to infrastructure maintenance.  This is the first time in fifteen years that we have had the funding to undertake this maintenance and we thank Sharon and all the staff for the extra work they were obliged to undertake particularly when the offices were being painted. Our sincere gratitude goes out to all who remember us in bequests and I would like to encourage those in our community with the means to do so, to seriously consider adding Howick Hospice as a beneficiary in their wills.

As usual, our appreciation is due in no uncertain terms to our volunteers without whom we would not be able to run the organisation.

Till next time – enjoy the rain!

     -Sheelagh Smallwood

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December 2015 - Newsletter


We are coming to the end of another year and it always amazes me how time flies! Perhaps this is more noticeable at my age!

Sharon, Charlotte and I attended the KZN Hospice Association meeting in Durban yesterday. It was good to get together with the representatives of the other KZN Hospices and to exchange news and ideas. Our Chairlady is character of note and leads us in an enlightened way. It was also good for me to share some time with Sharon and Charlotte away from the pressures of the office.

We are most fortunate to have members of staff who are dedicated to Howick Hospice and who carry out their duties in exemplary fashion - ably led by Sharon, our General Manager. On behalf of the Board I thank every member of our staff for their diligence and attention to their duties. To Sharon our thanks for her efficiency and co-operation in leading our organisation. Her business acumen is of the highest standard and, as a Board, we are able to place our trust in her with the utmost confidence.

Without our volunteers we would not be able to cope with the myriad tasks which they undertake for us not only on a regular basis, but also for our various events. Thank you one and all for your efforts which are very much appreciated.

It remains for me to wish all our donors, friends and acquaintances the Compliments of the Season and Peace, Good Health and Prosperity in the New Year.

                                                                                                           Sheelagh Smallwood


May 2015 - Newsletter

First and foremost I would like to thank the community of Howick for the support they gave us following articles printed in the Village Talk with regards to the financial challenges we were facing.  As you can imagine, the decision we were obliged to take last October was extremely distressing for the Board.  We were, however, blessed by your support and as you know, we were able to reverse our previous decision and reinstate our staff to their previous hours of work and remuneration.  For this we and the staff were more than grateful.    
All the members of the Board appreciate the loyalty of our staff and our volunteers to Howick Hospice and the efforts which they make to ensure the highest quality of service to the communities which they serve.  It is always a pleasure for me to visit the premises and know that I will be welcomed with open arms – just as other visitors are.  I regard HH as my second family and I am sure many of our members feel the same way.    
Thanks to Sharon, our General Manager, for her leadership and Managerial proficiency, which make our responsibilities as Board members straightforward and easily implemented.  She is ably supported by her professional staff and MANCO whose devotion to duty knows no bounds. Then, of course, we cannot forget the volunteers without whom we would certainly struggle.    

My gratitude to all who make my responsibilities as Chairlady so interesting and stimulating.  It is an honour for me to serve you in this capacity.                    
    Sheelagh Smallwood


December 2014 - Newsletter


First and foremost I would like to pay tribute to the late Greta Schoeman, the Founder of the Hospice Movement in South Africa, who passed away recently in Durban, aged 79.  She was the prime instigator of palliative care in South Africa, and in 1982  established the first hospice at her home in Durban where she nursed dying patients with the help of volunteer nurses and her two young children, whom she encouraged to communicate with the patients.  Although she was heavily criticized for this, she felt that exposing children to cancer, death and dying, was a perfectly natural thing to do.


May 2014 - Newsletter


Welcome, Howick Hospice friends, to our first newsletter of 2014.  It’s always a pleasure and a privilege to share with you, all our latest news.  Our new financial year got off the ground on 01 April with a flourish.  I am happy to report that we finished our previous financial year with a fair surplus in hand owing to both the commendable vigilance of staff members with regards to expenditure, and the generosity of our community – we received several bequests, one of which was extremely large.  We are always overwhelmed at the kindness extended to us by our community and I would like to offer our grateful thanks to you all, for sponsorships, donations (both monetary and items for the shop) and bequests, and for continued support at our fundraising and PR events.  Thanks too must also go to Community Chest, Lotto, Tias Arms (USA), FNB, Sugar Association of SA, Hospice of Siouxland (USA) and the Department of Social Development for their continued support of our Hospice service.  Another vote of thanks must go to the Mandela Marathon organizers who very kindly donated R50 000 to our organization in 2013.  As it is increasingly difficult to raise funds in the present economic climate, we are grateful for everything that comes our way.


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