Howick Hospice has a  continued need to grow and to improve our effectiveness,efficiency  and sustainability when providing our service to the community.  Please look through the list and remember, we are more than happy with any donation.  Even if it is not on this list, we are able to sell preloved goods through our Preloved Shop to assist in our fundraising…

Awning Repair – Our covered parking at Howick Hospice House is in need of an upgrade. Replacement of shade cloth and more support strands.

Front Gate Upgrade – Our front gate needs to be upgraded to a sliding gate with a motor.

Kitchen Upgrade – Replace Cupboards and Flooring

Clinical Office –  Upgrade Blinds and Carpet

Generator/ Inverter – Loadshedding is becoming a problem where staff with desktops cannot work, and older laptop batteries are no longer lasting, or telephone lines also go down meaning our Sisters cannot call in or out. We are also without internet during this time, which makes for a very unproductive period.

Laptop – a new or newer laptop is needed for our Marketing Department. Allowing work to continue during loadshedding and with a laptop more inter active talks can be presented to schools and corporate’s  for awareness and fundraising purposes.

Mini Projector – Our current projector is faulty. It is also big and bulky, a smaller one would be much more practical to take out for Training Programmes and PR Talks.

2007 Ford Bantam Canopy – The donation of the Ford Bantam was such a blessing to the Howick Hospice Team, it would however be much more functional with a canopy.

Nissan 1400 Upgrade (Half Ton Bakkie)- Our little Nissan is used almost on a daily basis from donation collections, dump runs and general errands. It is unfortunately getting old and not reliable enough to go out  into the community. We hope to upgrade this soon so that we have another usable vehicle.

Porridge – Morvite/ Futurelife for our HIV/TB patients, with nutrition being such a big contributor to wellbeing and comfort, we cater for our patients to ensure they have something to take their Arvs or TB medications with.

Toiletries – Vaseline, Soap Bars, Aqueous Cream, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes